AKB48 福地礼奈 清水麻璃亜 吉川七瀬 リクエストアワー終演直後★ 今日はHKT48さんで私の1番好きな坂口理子先輩と写真を撮りました♪幸せです!!2016.01.24


(^ o ^) / pettanko that is! “AKB48 group request away setlist best 100 2016″ to team 8’s first original songs in 47 city of”nice” is what! Ranked # 3! I’m glad Hey-glad to! Celebrates third place in all team 8 did not cast one, be able to so happy! And-to determine team 8, the 2nd anniversary concert held! Where is it! Same in Kyushu, Okinawa (be [‘)-♡ trd-~-~-! I’m glad!?! Can I, I won’t cry at all but I’m gone and I’ve come > _ <! Variety and want to thank you! Return the favor to say at the highest levels of performance. I want to say thanks! Please expect 8 from this team! More! Show evolved ^ _ ^ and took photos with Sakaguchi, Hiroko seniors today is HKT48, one of my favorite heart happy! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ it so today in this area! Thanks for reading long texts, thank you! Also see you tomorrow ~ ~! Bye Shimizu with a land of high tension immediately after the end of today (^ ^) / ~-~ pettanko with AKB48 fukuchi thanks Nana-chan AKB48 Shimizu hemp Li Aki-Chan AKB48 Yoshikawa nanase’s




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